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Technological leadership - New weave

A completely new mesh type developed by GKD: Porometric mesh. This is a very open, 3-dimensional mesh construction that, while maintaining a constant volume flow rate, reduces local pore velocity by up to 40%, with throughput increasing by a similar factor – properties which represent significant advantages for efficient oil and gas exploration. On the basis of a comprehensive experimental study and the tried and tested meshes of its YMAX® product family, GKD used computer simulation and design studies to develop a new mesh weave. Thanks to its significantly increased porosity and air permeability, Porometric mesh with a pore size of 150 µm achieves an air permeability of 4,800 l/m²/s at a pressure of 200 Pa. In spite of this high porosity of over 70 percent, the 3-dimensional mesh is extremely stable. And its open structure also offers attractive advantages in terms of weight. For customers, the 30 percent lower grammage means significant savings, as the reduction in material consumption is reflected in lower production costs.

Exhibitor: GKD - Gebr. Kufferath AG

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