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ELANsplit ----- solution for waste emulsion.

ELANsplit is a highly efficient organic splitter, which can effectively split the oil in emulsion. Due to its instantaneous yet dependable performance, it can be widely used to meet the requirements of various applications. With its organic character, it is more safe and environmental friendly.

The principle of splitting is the reaction between ELANsplit and the anionic emulsifier. As a result, the emulsion becomes unstable and the oil gets separated from the water easily.

After the split, the high COD caused by oil will be easily split out. The rest split water contains almost no oil anymore, which will ensure its following treatment not impacted by oil. The stable oil phase reduced over 70% sludge amount in comparison to acid split process with coagulation, which will not only improve the treatment performance, but also reduced highly disposal costs of sludge.

After all, with ELANsplit replace the general acid split is very economic, which will reach a perfect treatment results with very low investment.

Exhibitor: KhaiEL GmbH

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